Our mission is to ensure that those who suffer from lack of funds, skills and opportunities can find flexible, fun and empowering ways to make money.


Searchable directory of flexible money making opportunities: telecommuting jobs, freelancing and ideas for entrepreneurs including online and home based businesses.

The biggest obstacle to trying something is whether or not we believe we can do it. I am here to be your biggest cheerleader and tell you that everything is possible! 

I have a very broad view of the world and after reading through so much information I found the best way to success is to combine the knowledge and wisdom from multiple sources.  If you want to hear about weird and wacky ways to be more productive, read about amazing initiatives or inspiring people (and the occasional rant about financial injustice in the world), then sign up for the newsletter!

We can help each other build a network of people earning alternative income, without having to rely on the ups and downs of the economy or the whims of employers. I honestly believe that if at least a quarter of the population was educated in income survival, knew where to find different opportunities and how to connect to other like-minded people, we would suffer less from decisions made by other people.

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About You

  • You need to find flexible ways to make money

    -Mothers with young children
    -People living in areas with few employment possibilities
    -Those rejected because they are unskilled, too old or too young

  • You want to change careers

    If you are going out of your mind doing a job you hate just to make ends meet you can get inspiration for future projects.

  • You´re overwhelmed with all the information online

    We make it easier for you to find real opportunities that don´t require you to invest money you can´t afford or time you can´t spare.

Your Options


Work for employers part-time or full-time from home. Some companies even give you paid holidays and benefits.


Work for one or many clients - choose your own projects and decide how many hours you want to work.


Run one or many online and offline businesses from home. Do the work yourself or outsource the work to others.

About Me

I am a mother of two who chose to work from home so I could spend more time with my children. I have researched hundreds of opportunities and searched thousands of websites to find ways to make money.

Variety and flexibility are my two priorities and I shied away from all the options that meant you have sell your soul to the devil or be dishonest just to make a sale.

What I offer are alternatives to the ´make a million quick´ which means  that anyone can find something that is right for them.