Finding Alternatives to the Regular 9-5

  Mike Rowe is well known for his series ´Dirty Jobs´ where he travelled around  the US doing some of the dirtiest jobs around.  What started as a regular media opportunity has evolved into a mission for Mike Rowe who has discovered a huge skills gap with lots of... More detail
Micro tasks are exactly as the name suggests, small outsourced tasks, usually done by a number of people collaborating on a project. When the tasks can be chunked down, it allows clients to... More detail
    A product can be a service like teaching or a physical product you sell.   It is important to change your mindset to become a creator, especially if you starting charging... More detail
Once you decide you want to make a change and find different ways of generating income you need to start the chain reaction that will turn hopes and dreams into... More detail
Seven years ago I registered the domain  I wanted to write about working from home because as an expat in Spain, with two young children, living miles from... More detail

Xerox Virtual Workforce Work At Home Jobs

in Support Jobs 13 hits

Xerox is taking the concept of home working seriously with over 5000 virtual workers. Amongst the position they hire home workers for are: Administrative/Business Support Customer Care Data Entry/Verification Image Tagging Quality Control Systems Development Software Programming Tech Support They…

Deep Origins Affiliate Program

in Self Improvement Affiliate Programs 14 hits

  Deep Origins create self improvement programs that combine the best of ancient wisdom with modern scientific research.   Their programs include:   The Alpha Mind System  which boosts creativity, intuition and memory. With the help of doctors, scientists and…

Sell Your Wedding Themed Arts & Crafts at The Wedding Mile

in Arts & Crafts 19 hits

The Wedding Mile offers a platform for makers of items for the wedding niche including invitations, favors, jewelry, bridal shower gifts etc.  You get: A search engine friendly store Wedding registry Inventory control Statistics Training materials to help you improve SEO,…

TideSDK - Create multi-platform desktop apps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

in Apps 41 hits

TideSDK - Create multi-platform desktop apps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript   TideSDK is the new standard for creating beautiful and unique desktop apps using your web development skills. You can also use other scripting language such as PHP, Python… Free Mobile App Builder

in Apps 25 hits is an app maker, using a visual editor which is customisable using HTML5 JavaScript and CSS. You can produce different types of apps across multiple platforms which can then be exported and hosted outside It is possible to…

Sell Any Kind of Art with a Free Account at ArtPal

in Arts & Crafts 18 hits

  ArtPal let´s members create a free gallery where they can sell any kind of arts or crafts including sculptures, paintings, photos, prints, jewelry etc.   They also offer a print-on-demand service where you choose to handle printing and shipping…

Documentary Grants from Moxie Films

in Film Grants 45 hits

The MoxieDocs Production Award  offers $150,000 in products and services to help in the production and distribution of documentaries.  There is a rolling submission process which means there is no deadline for your application.   Five finalists are chosen from…

prMac – Press Release Site for Apple, Mac, iPod, iPad and iPhone Products

in Press Releases 110 hits

prMac are a press release and writing service to distribute press releases about the latest business ideas and newly developed apps etc to their extensive list of news services and publications. “Using the simple templates provided, members can fill in…

AppMakr - Create HTML5 Mobile Apps for Free

in Apps 54 hits

Make your own app with app makr for Android, iPhone or HTML5 from infinite monkeys. It takes about 20 minutes to design your own app and publish it for free. If you have a great idea for an app but…

Pet Protector Affiliate Program

in Affiliate Programs 29 hits

The Pet Protector disc is scientifically proven, low cost, completely safe(non-toxic),  guaranteed and it lasts 2 years! The disc emits nano technology scalar waves that keeps Fleas and Ticks off your pet.   All you have to do is sign…

Mike Rowe Works Scholarships

in Grants & Scholarships 70 hits

Mike Rowe is the host of the popular ´Dirty Jobs´ series in the US. What Mike learned while filming the show is that there is a large skills gap which means many companies are struggling to skilled workers.  He has…

Get Paid to Review Music at Slice the Pie

in Write Reviews 108 hits

Slicethepie pays fan to review music from unsigned artists. The most popular songs are submitted for radio placement.   Reviewers have to listen to at least 90 seconds of a song and then give it a rating out of 10.…

Leads Leap Viral Traffic Blog

in Traffic 55 hits

Leads Leap is one of the better free traffic generation systems because it offers multiple ways to generate traffic to your site. You can advertise your ads to members You can advertise your ads to blog readers You can link…

Become a Problem Solver for Hypios

in Ideas 141 hits

Hypios connect Seekers (clients) with Solvers (you).  The seekers get access to people with knowledge in the field they need a solution from, and seekers get the chance to participate in contests and win the prize, as well as getting…

Home Business Kits from Photo Jewelry Making Supplies

in Jewelry Making 113 hits supplies everything you need to make your own jewelry from tools to a very large selection of products you can put photos in and sell on sites like eBay, Etsy or your own ecommerce store. They make it easy…

Proz Translation Jobs

in Translating 100 hits

Proz is a community for translators and interpreters with a large directory of freelance translation jobs. They also have something called the Blue Board where translators can check on the rating for ´outsourcers´, clients who have requested work in the…

Find Advertisers for Your Website on BuySellAds

in Monetize Your Website 172 hits

BuySellAds acts as an intermediary between publishers and advertisers, providing an easy-to-use marketplace where website owners can offer their virtual real estate to thousands of advertisers. They have different levels of service so they can service everyone from small publishers…

Home-Based Jobs with American Express

in Customer Service 191 hits

AMEX offers a number of work from home positions including: Corporate Travel Counselors Counselors provide support for clients and need to have experience and knowledge of the Sabre GDS system. As an Axcess@Home Agent you will need a separate phone…

Sell Your Ideas with YouZingIt

in Ideas 172 hits

YouZingIt is a crowdsourcing platform where individuals can sell their ideas, or work on requests for ideas. ´Creative Consumers´ is the name for those who submit ideas to YouZingIt. A summary of your idea is posted on the website and…

WebFaction Affiliate Program - Web Hosting for Developers

in Hosting Affiliate Programs 187 hits

WebFaction is specifically targeted towards developers who need more functionality and reliability from a web host. From as little at $8.50 a month they offer hosting for unlimited domains, with access to hundreds of tools ideal for web developers to…

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