Shout Louder If You Want to Get Noticed

in Blog 33 hits

I was rejected today, for not having enough followers, enough shares, or enough content on the website. In a perfect example of how unless you make yourself busy making noise, you might not get invited to the party. The website…

Sell Your Media Files on Pond5 and Get 50% Royalties

in Sell 10 hits

At Pond5 you can upload videos, photos, illustrations, music, SFX, after effects and 3D. You set your own price and keep 50% when a sale is made. There are no exclusivity restrictions, you retain the copyright and can change the…

Assistant Match Virtual Assistant Jobs

in Virtual Assistant 16 hits

Virtual Assistant provides their customers with virtual assistants to help with the day to day running of their business. They have no information on the website about conditions for virtual assistants so you will need to fill out their application…

Tuition-Free College Degrees from University of the People

in Education 27 hits

University of the People offers tuition-free degrees to students from anywhere in the world. The only thing you pay for is the exams, and if you can´t afford that they have scholarships to make sure no-one is left without the…

Invest in Real Estate from as Little as $100 via Crowdfunders Fundrise

in Real Estate 86 hits

"We make it possible to invest in real estate." Fundrise organises crowdfunding for real estate developers and offers investors a way to get started in real estate at a very low entry level. This opens up a very profitable income…

Executive Virtual Assistants Working from Home with Zirtual

in Virtual Assistant 49 hits

Zirtual is a Virtual Executive Assistant company that connects virtual assistants with clients all over the world.   As a Zirtual Assistant you will be asked to do a variety of tasks like booking travel, research, making appointments etc. during…

Cruise Planners Home-Based Travel Franchise

in Travel Franchises 44 hits

 Cruise Planners gives you the chance to start your own travel franchise from home. They have been in the home-based travel industry for a number of years, winning awards from Magellan, Inc. 5000, IATA and Entrepreneur Franchise 500.   Cruise…

Work from Home Meltdown - Why It Is Important to Take Time Out

in Blog 52 hits

Working from home means being on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your office is lurking in a corner of your house, calling you to do just one more thing over and over again. The result is…

Free Online Store for Alternative Lifestyle Products

in Online Store 67 hits

Open a free online store at Rebels Market selling alternative lifestyle products.  The store is free to set up and open and there are no listing fees. You only pay 15% to Rebels Market when you sell something. If you…

Sell Photos, Illustrations and Audio on iStock

in Photography 57 hits

iStock photos offer high quality stock photographs and you can apply to be a contributor and get up to 45% commission if you are an exclusive contributor.   To apply you will have to upload three samples of your work…

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