Despite writing a blog about Alternative Income and not having to go to a regular job, for the last year I have been working as a teacher in an English academy here in Spain. I didn´t want a job. I certainly did not want to teach. After eight years of working from home however, it felt like the right time to dip my toe in the water, start socialising with other people, and get some variety in my life.

So for a year I taught English to 3-7 year old Spanish children. At the end of year I got a promotion to the ´inner circle´ of the academy, meant to help it grow and expand. This came with a nice juicy payrise and the first time in years I would have stable income but little time for anything else. Little time with the kids. Little time to work on my side projects. Little time to breathe.

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Mothers are often undervalued and penalised for taking time out to look after their children. Employers see someone lacking in experience and use it as an excuse to offer mothers lower wages. Which is a shame, because mothers have so much to offer and Nina Keneally from New York is showing how much people are willing to pay for a little home comfort and shoulder to cry on.

Nina runs and offers her clients a substitute mom service. She promises to leave out the family drama, and offer instead a good homecooked meal, friendly advice, help with the housework, and anything else your mom can't do for you.

Who Needs to Rent-A-Mom?

Your first reaction might be that surely no-one would pay for a substitute mother when you have friends and family you can turn to?  The truth is however, that sometimes we want the warmth of a mother figure who is not swayed by knowing the people involved in our lives.  Who would not want the help of a mother figure without the criticism that often comes from family members who tell you to 'pull yourself together'.  Most of Ninas clients seem to want simple things:

  • Someone to listen to their problems.
  • A homecooked meal.
  • Friendly advice.
  • Someone to go with them to the doctor.
  • Help with resumes for job interviews.
  • Someone to go to the movies with.

As she herself describes the service, "It's the mother without the baggage." 

Her rates vary but clients have reported paying $40 per hour, and in an age where so many people are displaced, living far from their loved ones, I think it is an idea that could take off.  I know plenty of people who need someone to talk to but are reluctant to go to a therapist because they don't want to go down the analysis rabbit hole.  There are also new young mothers living in the whirlwind of having a new baby who could use the help of someone experienced.

She has a varied background but is not qualified as a counselor or therapist, which means that if she can do it, so can you!


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Transators Town is a specialist marketplace focusing on matching freelance translators with clients looking for someone to help them with their translation.

Freelance translators can either bid on the jobs posted on the website, or they might be contacted directly through their listing on the directory. They do charge a fee however for bidding on open jobs, so if you join as a free member you will only be able to add your detais to the directory, and paid members get listed above free members.

Payment for work done is negotiated directly between the freelance translator and the client. Translators Town does not get involved in payments and acts purely as a listing directory for jobs and freelancers.

Find out more at:

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  • Eligibility International
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If I see one more article talking about work life balance for working mothers and using a successful female executive as an example, I will scream. While I applaud their success, I wonder about the millions of women who will never relate to these examples and are left feeling inadequate. Success is not just about reaching the executive level of the corporate ladder or making millions, it is also about overcoming adversity and making more than enough.


After reading Secrets to Being Both an Executive and a Mom on Entrepreneur magazine,  I came away with the usual feeling of complete lack of ability to relate to the woman in the article. The woman is Kira Wampler, Chief Marketing Officer of Lyft.  She explains how she prefers 'flow' rather than balance.  Sometimes she spends more time in the office, other times she spends more time with the children.


Who would not love the chance to be in an amazing job, with the flexibility to change your schedule and spend more time with your kids when you need to? That kind of flexibility exists in a very small minority of cases because you need:


  • To be the boss or have a boss who is understanding and can afford to give you that flexibility.

  • Have people who can help you with childcare when you need to work late.

  • Or able to afford private child care.

  • Or have a husband who will take on that role.

  • etc.


I have no problem with  Kira Wampler.  She is in her position because she has worked hard to get there and deserves everything she has achieved. My problem is with the fact that the only success stories I see are those of women in a position that most of us will never find ourselves in. Then we are supposed to relate to that success, use it as motivation, and empower the millions of women struggling daily to improve their situation.


Where are all the stories about the majority of women struggling as single mothers, overcoming health issues, mental health issues, lack of support, family problems, or lack of education?  These are the kind of problems faced by most women. These are the kinds of stories that we need to hear so any woman who wants to improve the situation for herself and her family has a realistic role model to compare themselves to.


I know there are people who have become an incredible success starting from nothing, fighting  horrendous childhoods and extreme poverty.  However,  the recipe to success is about much more than just getting off your arse and getting on with it. There are many factors involved including current situation, past history, self-esteem, support, timing, and a little bit of luck.  


Telling someone to set a goal and work towards it is assuming we are all the same. We’re not. We are complex individuals. We each have different triggers and respond to different motivation.


We need real world role models. I want to hear about the single parents working low paid jobs who managed to get their kids to college. I want to hear how people triumph despite suffering with depression or a physical problem. I want to know how stay at home moms, rejected by the workplace because of lack of experience, end up running a home-based business.


It’s not enough to hear the start and the end of the story, we need to hear about the steps they take in between. We need to hear it so millions more women can relate to their stories and raise the standard of living for the majority, not through government assistance and control, but through grassroots success stories.


Tell Us Your Story


Do you have a story to tell? Can you be a role model for those lacking the confidence to take the next step?  Send us your story at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will showcase your success to those who are desperate to make a change in their lives.


Comment below if you have any great advice to share!
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Mary & Martha Christian MLM Opportunity

Mary & Martha is a Christian multi-level-marketing opportunity selling unique gifts that combine spirituality with ministry.


Host a gathering in  your home and get products for free or half-price depending on the sales you make.


Start your own business selling Mary & Martha products and get the following benefits:

  • Flexible hours, the freedom to make your business fit your schedule
  • Unlimited earning potential, including personal volume bonuses
  • Company sponsored Incentive Trips
  • $99 Business Kit with beautiful home décor and gift items valued at over $400
  • Personalized website and monthly e-newsletter
  • Company Training & Support

 The business kit costs $99 and includes $400 worth of home décor and gift items. 

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  • Type Business
  • Eligibility US
  • Investment required? Yes
  • Need Experience? No
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Shout Louder If You Want to Get Noticed

I was rejected today, for not having enough followers, enough shares, or enough content on the website. In a perfect example of how unless you make yourself busy making noise, you might not get invited to the party.

The website I´m talking about is supposed to help bloggers succeed with their blog.  The goal is to brainstorm, ask for feedback and ask ideas etc. So I asked for case studies of real rags to riches stories. None of these people who left the corporate world to start their own business.  I wanted stories about real people who have gone from zero to making a living. They did not have to be rich, but certainly making enough to cover their needs or replacing a 9-5.

My article request was rejected because " looks a bit quiet and there is no community / shares to be seen."  They are right. The Alternative Income Report is my passion, not my business, so I work on it whenever I can, but it is not my main source of income. I also do not want to get attention by writing a ton of content just to get traffic, but that has  no soul.

I spent three years working as a copywriter producing what I like to call ´content fodder´. The goal of the articles I wrote were to get search engine attention by including relevant keywords. It had to sound half decent, but other than that, the rules were pretty relaxed.  It was soul destroying.

To get the message out I will have to do it at some point - but I am going to wait until I hire my Virtual Assistant full-time to do it!

As I said, my business is selling property, my mission is to help mothers to work from home and the unemployed to find work online.

Right now there are only around 80 out of 785 opportunities posted online. I have to write the courses and add them to the site, as well as the search filter, coaching information .... it´s going to be huge!

The concept of Alternative Income is going to creep into the online psyche in a slow, organic way. There will be no loud brass band announcing it, but it is going to offer hope to millions worldwide.  The world desperately needs alternatives for those who can´t work at a regular job and I plan to keep on posting them ... one at a time.

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At Pond5 you can upload videos, photos, illustrations, music, SFX, after effects and 3D. You set your own price and keep 50% when a sale is made.

There are no exclusivity restrictions, you retain the copyright and can change the price at any time.

Find out more about this online media marketplace at

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Working from home means being on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your office is lurking in a corner of your house, calling you to do just one more thing over and over again. The result is long days, no days off, and weeks that in blend in to one another.
This week I had a meltdown. I could not pinpoint any one specific thing that triggered it, I just know that I felt unbelievably frustrated. In my head everything was going wrong, nothing was working, and I felt trapped. It felt weird. I am the person who always sees the silver lining. I always find a way around problems. I don´t get depressed. ´Never give up´ and all that positive mumbo jumbo. Except this week.
I know it was bad because my husband kept phoning to see how I was and offered to take the day off work and take the kids out so I could have some free time. Even the kids looked scared.  When Mrs Motivator goes quiet, they think something is very, very, wrong.
Luckily I had to take my son to basketball and hang around for four hours, and then take him and his friends to the cinema. I wanted to watch the film as well as Guardians of the Galaxy looked funny, and boy did I need a dose of funny this week.
An hours drive to basketball, waiting for four hours,  and two hours to get home after dropping them off. Thinking about it I was cursing about how much time I was going to waste, how ´busy´ I was and how I needed to be online. Blah, blah, blah.
Busy does not mean effective. Anyone who has worked from home knows that you can be sitting in front of the computer for hours - that doesn´t mean you get a lot of work done.
After waiting for hours, driving for miles and getting to bed at 3am in the morning, I felt like a new woman the next day.
- The basketball 3x3 tournament was at a coastal town so I got to walk along the beach and get some fresh air.
- I got to socialise with the other parents and have some adult conversation.
- The movie was really good fun and made me laugh more than I had in a long time.
- The kids and I also got to do something fun together instead of being stuck in the house while I was working.
It may seem obvious, but when working from home you often get so focused on what you are doing, you forget the power of taking time out. If I had stayed at home, there would have been nothing to get me out of my funk. I would have been miserable to live with and completely ineffective.
Working mothers definitely need to pay more attention to taking time out as they are so used to being available 24 hours a day. Add to that your business which has no closing time and a personal project you want to get off the ground and you have a meltdown brewing.
As soon as you start losing focus, as soon as you feel exhausted, frustrated or lacking in motivation - GET OUT. It could be something as simple as a walk around the block, going for a coffee, going for a run or meeting friends. The important thing is to break the funk because you are not doing yourself or those who have to live  with you any favours!
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iStock photos offer high quality stock photographs and you can apply to be a contributor and get up to 45% commission if you are an exclusive contributor.
To apply you will have to upload three samples of your work and it is worth reading their guidelines carefully as they have strict guidelines for the quality they accept.
Payments are made when your balance reaches $100 and you can then make a payment request. Choose payment by cheque, PayPal, direct deposit or pre-paid Payoneer card.

Find out more about being a contributor at:

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  • Eligibility International
  • Investment required? No
  • Need Experience? No
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I was listening to a webinar recently run by guys claiming to make over a 100,000 dollars a year selling t-shirts. They used the usual formula of giving some great information and making a big deal about not selling you anything on the webinar.  
They did make a big deal about their mastermind course though, over and over again! Which is OK because we are all in the business of selling one thing or another.  That is how we make money and the wheels of the economy keep on turning. So far so good, until they dismiss the majority of the population as financially irresponsible. A caller asked how much they needed to get started making that kind of money and if they could do it with no money to pay for advertising.
Then came the lecture. The speaker said if you can´t run your personal finances successfully, then you won´t succeed in business. His little rant went on to imply that everyone can save thousands by getting a second job, not wasting money on products (just theirs), and being more responsible.
This from the people who in the same call said that if you didn´t have the money you should get a loan from anywhere you could to invest in your t-shirt business. Borrow it from friends and tell them you will pay it back. Max out your credit card. Do whatever it takes. They are talking about thousands of dollars to invest in advertising! How is that not more of the financial irresponsibility they were just complaining about?
They did stress this was not a venture for the weak hearted and should not be done if you were not prepared to put your life and soul into it. Well done boys. 
I admire people who succeed online. I know it takes hard work, hours of dedication and making sacrifices. That doesn´t mean you should judge others by your standards.
You have no idea why people are in debt. They may live somewhere it is almost impossible to get work and they can´t afford to move. They may have fallen ill and can no longer do a regular job. They may not have the support they need to keep going.  Their self-esteem might be so low they can´t even imagine speaking out. The list is endless.
So many people accept their situation, think they have no option and continue to struggle in misery for the rest of their lives. Often because they are so exhausted by life and see no way out. Struggle becomes the norm. Then they hear things like ´if you don´t have thousands to invest in your business don´t bother´.  There goes the little flicker of hope snuffed out forever.
Maybe you won´t make 100,000 dollars a year, but if you manage to improve your current situation then that is progress!
So let the big boys do their own thing and concentrate on what is right for you. Do what you can with what you have right now.

If you are ready to find out more about making money selling t-shirts take a look at Tee Inspector. He talks about using Facebook ads as the main way to get sales, but also shows you people who make sales without Facebook.. Loads of information, software and videos to walk you through it.

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