A freelancer is someone who is an independent contractor that bids for one or many jobs and gets paid per project.  Instead of having a regular salary from one employer, a freelancer can have several different clients at the same time depending on the size of the project.

The most well known model of freelancing is the one you see on popular sites like Upwork.com , Guru.com etc. Clients list the project they need help with and freelancers bid on the project. 

Pros of Freelancing

  • Flexibility
    You don´t have to go to the workplace at the same time every day, instead you choose where, when and for how long you want to work.
  • Variety
    Instead of doing the same job day in, day out, you can work on a variety of projects in different industries 

Cons of Freelancing

  • Feast and Famine
    Until you have a number of regular clients, you might experience periods of feast and famine. Feast is when you have work and are getting paid. Famine when you are having to go out and bid for new projects or find new clients with no income coming in.
  • Lack of Security
    There is no guarantee of income as you are dependent on getting work from clients and this work can be sporadic
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